Best places to rent conference rooms in London

Best places to rent conference rooms in London

Having made plans to organize a conference, and you know the number of individuals expected, the next thing to look into is where the perfect conference venues London are that will fulfill all your needs? Well here is a list of some conference rooms in London that may help you decide on what to choose. They vary from price to capacity, location and fixtures and many more aspects.

Weston theatre

This conference room rental can take up to 231 guests, and with its large capacity comes a big price tag; 3600 British Pounds per session. That may seem much, but this location is your perfect fit for big company conferences. It has 234 square meters and with in-house catering available, big projectors, required audio technology including all the studio equipment you need with microphones, you just need to get your people notified that your big conference you always talked about will be held here. It is located at the Museum of London and there are many options on how to come to this place – metro, car or just walking through London can get you to this location. With this price an audio technician is included, so you have no worries in the organization part.

Theatre at The Royal Institution

If you require a much larger space that is double the size in the previous suggestion, the Theatre at the Royal Institution have the conference rooms London you seek. It has the capacity to hold over 400 guests and the area is around 427 square meters. Almost double the size of the Weston Theatre. It has the in-house catering and offers some of the best ratios in money and size. It is located in central London and the arena has the U shape. Many scientists, artists, and authors have held their promotions and conferences in this place. Depending on the time of the day, the conference room rental prices vary in this manner:

  • From 9 AM until 5 PM the price is 4416 British Pounds.
  • However, if you want a morning conference, from 9 AM until 1 PM, the price is 2760 British Pounds.
  • A bit later in the day, starting from 1:30 PM until 5:30 PM the price goes around 2300 British Pounds.
  • Weekends are a bit more expensive. Whole day from 9 AM until 5 PM costs 5160 British Pounds. This conference room has alcohol license until 23:00.

Millbank Media Centre

A person with the tendency of renting bigger conference venues London might find himself or herself stunned with this option. This place can take up to 280 guests and with the area of 350 square meters, it is one spacious, beautiful looking hall. The hall is perfect if you are holding media presentation, product launch, and marketing, media service or even film screening. It has a very affordable price, going from 70 British Pounds per person. It is located at Altitude London and your guests can arrive by car, over the river or by land. Right next to the auditorium is the private space, a location you might need for greeting your guests, taking a break or just entertainment. You can take full advantage of this London conference room as it offers big plasma screens and projectors. There is staff on ground that are there to offer full feedback regarding your hall renting and lend a “hand to assist” during the whole process.

Congress Hall

Large capacity and low price are just some of the assets of this hall. It is a large, flexible conference room London that will ensure your event gets the full feedback from the people you invited. It is a classic looking hall with the renting price of 59 British Pounds per day. It has the standing capacity of over 800 places and sitting capacity of 500 places. It has the latest high-tech equipment including a projector that will ensure you have HD projection of your presentation on a large projection screen, 32 channel digital sound system, PA system, WiFi and lightning equipment for full effect. Outside the hall located in the Congress center, you have a designated registration area and a spacious foyer ideal for greeting your invited guests and their in-house catering services, serving buffet meals and drinks to refresh and boost energy. If you decide to book Congress suites along with the Hall you might get yourself a perfect break-out space when you need it. External catering in this hall is not allowed.


Organizing and booking conference room in London can be a difficult job. Depending on how large you want your auditorium to be, where do you want it to be located in London, how can it be accessed, are there any parking spaces, what are the surroundings, what is the price are just some of the questions that pop up during the process of selection. The selection of 4 halls above with detailed description can give you some insight into what you can expect price-wise as well as capacity-wise.