If you’ve made plans to organize a spectacular conference experience and know the number of individuals that are expected to attend, the next thing to look into is finding the perfect conference venue in London that is sure to make the experience amazing for your attendees. Luckily for you, there are many amazing places to host your next conference; the following is therefore a list of some conference rooms in London, each offering different amenities, pricing, and environment for your needs.

Weston theatre

Located at the Museum of London, this conference room rental with its astonishing 234 square meter space can accommodate up to 231 guests, and offers in-house catering, enormous projectors, and numerous studio equipment like microphones. It is an extremely convenient location with numerous options to arrive at this venue, including the local metro or even simply by foot. In terms of pricing, with everything this place has to offer, you can expect to pay up to 3600 British Pounds per session which includes your very own audio technician to ensure everything looks and sounds crystal clear.

Theatre at The Royal Institution

If you require an even larger space that is double in size, the Theatre at the Royal Institution in central London is exactly what you are looking for. With over 427 square meters in space, this ginormous location can accommodate over 400 guests and offers in-house catering and astonishing audio equipment. This conference room also has an alcohol license until 23:00 Being a conference venue favorite for some of the top scientists, artists, and authors in London, the Theater at The Royal Institution has been used for numerous successful and memorable promotions and conferences over the years.

Also, depending on the time of day you wish to host your conference, the pricing can vary:

  • –  From 9 AM until 5 PM, the price is 4416 British Pounds.
  • –  From 9 AM until 1 PM, the price is 2760 British Pounds.
  • –  From 1:30 PM until 5:30 PM, the price goes around 2300 British Pounds.
  • –  Weekends are a bit more expensive. A whole day from 9 AM until 5 PM costs 5160 British Pounds.

Millbank Media Centre

Millbank Media Centre in Altitude London is truly a stunning location for anyone who wishes to rent a large conference space that looks absolutely beautiful. With over 350 square meters in space, this luxurious location can accommodate up to 280 individuals and is the perfect place for medical presentations, product launches, and even film screenings. With vibrant, enormous plasma screens and projectors, it is no wonder this location is such a favorite for film screenings. However, not only is the venue itself simply amazing, the pricing is extremely affordable as well, going for only 70 British Pounds per person.

There is also a spacious private area next to the auditorium that is great for greeting your guests or simply allowing your guests to take a break from the overall conference experience.

Staff is also included in helping you plan your experience and ensuring the whole process goes smoothly.

Congress Hall

Congress Hall offers a large, flexible conference space for an affordable price. Costing just 59 British Pounds per day, this classic-aesthetic hall offers a standing capacity of over 800 people and a sitting capacity of 500. And with high definition projectors and some of the latest audio and video technology including a large projection screen, 32 channel digital sound system, PA system, and high quality lighting equipment, this place is the perfect venue for any presentation or talk. Outside the hall, there is a designated registration area and a spacious foyer, the perfect place to greet your prestigious guests. The hall also offers their own in- house catering services, serving various types of buffet meals and refreshing beverages.


Organizing a conference experience and selecting the perfect venue in London can be a daunting task as there are numerous aspects to think about. The number of attendees, the style of the event space, the available modes of transportation to the venue space, parking, and what type of equipment you require are all factors that should be considered before settling for any particular venue space. Therefore, the above 4 halls are just a few of the stellar venue spaces for great prices that can accommodate any of your conference needs.

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