Getting married is one of the most memorable moments in anyone’s life, if not the most memorable one. It is a joyous event that has to be truly celebrated because it will, hopefully, happen just once in your life.

But as much as we want to go all-out and have a grandiose event, we have to remember that the wedding is not the end, but is really just the beginning. There are other things to be considered, which would mean you can have the wedding without spending too much. In these days when money gets harder and harder to earn, we should be wise in our spending habits.

The venue is one of the most expensive factors to consider when planning a wedding. How do you make sure you don’t spend too much on where the wedding will be held, without sacrificing how it would turn out to be?

  • Go for non-traditional wedding venues. Famous places for weddings naturally charge high fees for the occasion, since they have established a brand. That doesn’t mean you cannot have your wedding somewhere unexpected, like in an art gallery or a public park. Not only will you be able to save on the costs, your guests will also remember your wedding because of its unique and non-conventional feel.
  • Instead of having two, go for just one venue. By tradition, the ceremony is held in a different location as the wedding reception. Fortunately, you are free to do as you please today. More and more couples prefer both programs on a single venue. Not only will you save money, you will also give your guests convenience since they don’t have to travel from one venue to the other.
  • If possible, schedule your wedding in an off-peak season.There are months when weddings are all the rage, and venues are sure to take advantage. Don’t fall for the trap. If you don’t have a strict schedule or preference when it comes to your wedding date, go for a date where lesser weddings take place, and you’re sure to save on your venue costs.
  • Keep your guest list small and you wedding intimate. If you don’t have too many friends, you have the option to only include family and your closest buds in your guest list. That way, you don’t have to book a large venue, which, of course, costs more than the smaller ones. That way, you will save up on costs and enjoy a solemn wedding with the people who matter the most to you.
  • Have your wedding in a small town rather than a big city. Wedding venues in small towns don’t get packed as much as the ones in big, popular cities. You will save on your venue costs, and treat your guests to an instant mini out of town vacation.

We all want a beautiful wedding. That is a given, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, practicality these days is also very important. There are other things that we have to spend on after the wedding. Plus, it is crucial to remember that while it can be fun to spend on a beautiful wedding, it is better to invest in a strong and beautiful marriage.

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